We are now Achilles UVDB registered

Dec 16, 2022Uncategorised

We are now Achilles UVDB registered

Dec 16, 2022Uncategorised

Twinwoods Heat & Power is now registered with Achilles, the prestigious procurement network that aims to make supply chains more sustainable.

What is Achilles UVDB?

Achilles is a global organisation that audits and monitors members to ensure they are operating to a high standard and in a safe, healthy, and environmentally friendly way.

Their members are discoverable though a database for new suppliers and customers who want to ensure they are only dealing with other environmentally friendly organisations.

The aim is to give members a clear picture of their entire supply chain so that they can ensure that every part of it, from buying materials to disposing of them is operating sustainably and ethically.

The Utilities Vendor Database (UVDB) service is one of the Achilles Networks that helps utilities companies such as Thames Water and the National Grid to connect with other approved businesses.

Why is this important?

To qualify for registration of the Achilles UVDB network, Twinwoods Heat and Power had to undertake an extensive audit of our work to show that we are compliant with all legislation. We also had to demonstrate that we take our corporate social responsibilities (CSR) seriously and are an eco-friendly solution for businesses who need to dispose of their waste wood, including hazardous wood.

Now companies in the Utilities sector, construction & demolition and from across heavy industry can be assured that Twinwoods Heat and Power are not only a trusted solution for the disposal of waste wood, but a cost effective one too as all checks and audits have already been done.

Why is a sustainable supply chain important?

There are several reasons why businesses want to ensure their supply chains are operating sustainably.

Firstly, sustainability can help to reduce the environmental impact of a business, which is becoming more important as consumers are increasingly concerned about the environmental footprint of who they do business with.  Regulators are also putting companies under ever closer scrutiny to ensure they are operating in a way that doesn’t damage the environment.

Companies who do have compromised supply chains, or who have failed to do their due diligence can be subject to fines or reputational damage.

Secondly, sustainable supply chains can help to reduce costs for businesses. For example, using sustainable practices can help to reduce waste, which can save a business money on raw materials and disposal costs.

Achilles membership helps to reduce the cost for businesses who are looking to only work with other sustainable companies by doing all the auditing and paperwork for them.

Thirdly, sustainable supply chains can help to ensure the long-term viability of a business. By reducing the environmental impact of their operations, businesses can help to protect the natural resources on which they depend and ensure that they will be able to continue operating in the future.

You can learn more about the Achilles UVDB network here, and if you are looking for a solution for the disposal of your waste wood then please contact us today.