Meeting Energy Needs Sustainably

May 5, 2023Article

Meeting Energy Needs Sustainably

May 5, 2023Article

Twinwoods Heat and Power’s Waste Wood Solution.

As energy prices skyrocket it is becoming more important that the UK develops sustainable, secure solutions to meet our energy needs. Twinwoods Heat and Power has an innovative solution that involves burning waste wood to generate electricity, offering a renewable and environmentally friendly power source. 

Harnessing the Power of Waste Wood

Twinwoods Heat and Power has recognised the untapped potential of waste wood as a valuable resource. Instead of letting it go to waste or end up in landfills, we have developed a sophisticated process to utilise this material efficiently. Our power plant utilizes a walking grate system, where waste wood is safely shredded and then burned in a furnace. This combustion process generates intense heat, producing steam at high pressures and temperatures.

Steam Power and Electricity Generation

The high-pressure steam produced by Twinwoods Heat and Power’s waste wood solution is channelled to a boiler, where it generates 45 Bar of steam at 380°C. This superheated steam is then directed to a turbine, driving an 11kV 4MVA alternator at 1500 RPM. As the turbine rotates, it generates clean and green electricity that is fed into the national grid.

Environmental Benefits and Sustainability Initiatives

One of the significant advantages of Twinwoods Heat and Power’s waste wood solution lies in its environmental benefits. By using waste wood that would otherwise be discarded, Twinwoods significantly reduces the burden on landfills. The conversion of waste wood into electricity presents a sustainable alternative to traditional energy sources, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future. This sustainable approach to energy production led to Twinwoods becoming Achilles UVDB registered.

Twinwoods Heat and Power is one of the few facilities that holds a license to process hazardous waste wood, including wood contaminated with chemicals. This prevents potentially harmful substances from leaching into the environment, making their waste wood solution an environmentally responsible choice.

Disposing of Waste Wood

Because we are licensed to dispose of Contaminated, or hazardous wood, (including grade C and D wood which has been treated with chemicals such as glue, paint, varnish and creosote) it is an ideal solution for businesses who need to dispose of construction or demolition wood and want to do so in a responsible way.

Not only will the wood be used to contribute to renewable energy production, but suppliers also benefit from a cost-effective and environmentally friendly waste management solution that ensures they remain compliant with the latest rules and avoid a sizable fine.

A Greener Future Powered by Twinwoods Heat and Power

Twinwoods Heat and Power’s waste wood solution represents a significant step towards a greener future where sustainable energy production is not only viable, but also economically advantageous.

By transforming waste wood into clean, green electricity, we provide a renewable and environmentally responsible alternative to traditional energy sources.

Contact us today to find out how Twinwoods Heat and Power can help with your waste wood disposal needs.