Our key services

Twinwoods Heat and Power offers a competitively priced service for the disposal of waste wood (including hazardous wood) and oily fabrics.

Contaminated Wood

Waste wood is classed as hazardous if it has been treated or come into regular contact with any chemical that can cause damage to the environment. For example, paint, oil, creosote or glue.

Contaminated Fabric

Oily clothing and rags must be disposed of correctly to avoid harm to the environment. Fabric that has come into contact with engine oil, industrial grease, paint, varnish or glue should be considered contaminated.

Waste Consultancy

We offer advice and guidance to businesses and domestic clients to help them dispose of wood waste and oily fabrics correctly to avoid financial penalties.

Types of materials disposed of

Treated and/or painted wood, wood from construction and demolition projects, industrial waste wood such as railway sleepers, mixed waste wood and contaminated fabrics such as oily rags and protective clothing.

Who we support

We provide services and support to Waste Transfer Stations, Waste Wood yards, Demolition contractors and domestic clients. Contact us to discuss your waste needs.

Audited and compliant

Audit trails and paperwork are provided in accordance with legal requirements for Waste Transfer Notes, Consignment Notes and EA Permits and the Industrial Emissions Directive. The we create qualifies for renewable Energy Certificates

Remember, it’s your legal obligation

It is your responsibility to ensure your waste wood is disposed of correctly.

As one of the very few permitted facilities in the UK to process hazardous wood, you’ll have peace of mind that Twinwoods Heat and Power Ltd will not only keep you compliant, but environmentally friendly too.

To find out more about whether your waste wood needs a special disposal procedure and what your options are, contact us today.