Turning hazardous waste wood and oily fabrics into clean, green energy.

Our core purpose is to provide customers a cost-effective, regulated and audited service. Undertaking the safe disposal of all Waste Wood types and conscientiously producing 100% renewable green electricity that we export to the National Grid.

Our Technology

The waste wood chip is burned on a walking grate with primary air at around 13000m3/hr in a 10m tall furnace which is 4m wide. The boiler generates 45 Bar of steam at 380°C which then goes to our 3570kW turbine driving a 11kV 4MVA alternator at 1500 RPM set to match the National Grid frequency of 50 Hz.

The exhaust steam is condensed back to water and pumped back into the boiler to be reused as steam. Flue gasses pass through a high temperature filter system before exhausting safely and clean to atmosphere.

Remember, it’s your legal duty

It is your responsibility to ensure your waste wood and hazardous waste is disposed of correctly.

As one of a very few permitted facilities in the UK to process hazardous wood, you’ll have peace of mind that Twinwoods Heat and Power Ltd will not only keep you compliant, but environmentally friendly too.

To find out more about whether your waste wood needs a special disposal procedure and what your options are contact us today.