Turning hazardous waste into clean, green energy.

Twinwoods Heat and Power is one of the few licensed biomass plants in the UK that can turn hazardous waste wood and oily fabrics into a renewable power source via the National Grid.

We're turning waste into power

We are able to process 120 tonnes of wood and oily rags each day. This generates 180,000MW hrs per year of clean, green energy. Enough to power approximately 43,000, 3-4 bedroom UK homes.

The new rules about wood waste

Recent changes from the Environment Agency (RPS 249) came into force on the 1st of August 2021. These mean that wood waste needs to be disposed of depending on its classification.

Hazardous wood must now be segregated from virgin wood if it is to be sent to landfill. Heavy fines are being issued for businesses who fail to dispose of their waste wood properly.

Contaminated Wood

When it comes to disposal, waste wood is classed as hazardous if it has been treated or come into regular contact with any chemical that can cause damage to the environment. For example, paint, oil, creosote or glue.

Fence panels, railways sleepers, and construction wood are all classed as hazardous and must be disposed of correctly in order to avoid huge penalties.

Contaminated Fabrics

In addition to responsibly disposing of grade C & D, thermally processed wood, (which means both non-hazardous, and hazardous wood) we also responsibly dispose of contaminated fabrics.

If not stored or disposed of correctly, oily fabrics and clothes can become hazardous. By disposing through the Twinwoods Heat and Power plant, contaminated fabrics are also turned into clean energy.

Green Credentials

By incinerating your wood waste, Twinwoods Heat and Power generate clean, green energy which is exported into the National Grid. This is a carbon neutral, renewable source of energy that uses waste that would otherwise end up in landfill.

Burning wood produces no more carbon dioxide than leaving it to decompose naturally, and it reduces the risk of harmful contaminates leeching into the environment.

Remember, it’s your legal duty

It is your responsibility to ensure your waste wood and hazardous waste is disposed of correctly.

As one of a very few permitted facilities in the UK to process hazardous wood, you’ll have peace of mind that Twinwoods Heat and Power Ltd will not only keep you compliant, but environmentally friendly too.

To find out more about whether your waste wood needs a special disposal procedure and what your options are contact us today.